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Do you know what it means, to miss New Orleans...?

Cristian Colbert - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I do. As a former resident of the Crescent City I miss the sights, sounds, and smell of crawfish boiling. Honestly, if I smell it I have to stop and get some. The last place I lived before I moved away was on Common Street in the Central Business District. I could literally walk across Canal Street to the French Quarter and was then on Bourbon Street. For those who may not know, that corner of Bourbon and Canal often has a brass band playing. The music would echo off the buildings and I could hear it in my apartment. Crowds of tourists and locals gather on that corner any given day of the week to dance and clap along to that hypnotic beat.



Today when I hear a saxophone player’s music drift up to my apartment window in downtown Chicago I think of New Orleans. I hear that famous melody of “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans…” It is in those moments that I wish I could go to a club on Frenchman Street and listen to some New Orleans Jazz, Reggae, Funk or Rock ‘n Roll.

So although my feet aren’t currently taking me along the Mississippi River walk there is a way for those of us who don’t reside in New Orleans to get our NOLA music fix!

Starting this fall the producers of Louisiana Jukebox are once again turning the spotlight on Louisiana’s talented pool of great musicians and taking the show to a wider audience.

A new show will be created called New Orleans Live and it will do for New Orleans what ACL has done for Austin, Texas. To help get the show off the ground producers have launched a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo. Check us out at
You will be able to watch from the comfort of your own home whether on broadcast, cable or the Internet worldwide. Inform your neighbors so they can watch and not be mad about the loud music coming from your place… it happens. Details are forthcoming on distribution outlets for New Orleans Live but when confirmed we'll post it in the blog right away.

Trust me there will be something in this show for everyone, from Cajun to Rock, Brass to Funk, or Jazz to Blues, the music will move you. Maybe a chuckle or two from some local comedians plus learn some interesting cultural facts about a city that is like no other.

If you are a band member and would like to learn how to be a part of the show, log on to our website for band submissions.

Robin Dallafior
New Orleans Live
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