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Cristian Colbert - Saturday, June 06, 2015
“Bye, Felicia”. As I contemplated how much trouble I would be in from Child Protective Services if I pushed my 13-acting-like-she-is-going-on-27-year-old niece down the stairs after she “bye Felicia-ed” me, I started wondering if I was now totally out of touch. After all, I have to consult Urban Dictionary at least twice a week since I live with a slew of Adolfs (aka teenagers) or I would have no idea if they are insulting me or not. (They are). That train of thought then led me to worry, “What if I’m not cool enough to work on New Orleans Live ?!” Now this is a devastating thought. After all, in the 90’s, Louisiana Jukebox was the epitome of cool. And since I was a producer on the show, ipso facto/quid pro quo/In nomine Patris/insert more Latin here, I was cool! However, fast-forward 19 years from when it first began and there is the slight possibility (slight!) that I might not be quite as hip as I was back then.

I sat down and began explaining this life crisis to my niece who was nodding along as I described my doubts and fears of staying musically relevant in today’s world. It was a great conversation until I realized the little ingrate was actually just listening to her music with her headphones in. That’s when I had my Aha moment. It really doesn’t matter if I’m hip, or old, or square, or a nerd. New Orleans Live (or NOLA Live, as I’ve been calling it in my head) is going to be as cool as Jukebox because the music is what matters – and it’s always relevant. We’re gonna be showcasing some of the greatest music on the PLANET on NOLA Live – all from some of the world’s greatest musicians! You want Blues, Rock, Reggae, Brass, or Jazz? Yeah, you’re going to hear and see and feel it. Country, R&B, Indie, Latin, Zydeco, Cajun – we’ll have that covered. Hip-Hop and Rap (yes, I’m talking to YOU, little non-listening-to-me-ungrateful-see-if-I-buy-you-nice-shoes-niece), you know that’ll be in the house.

So whether you loved Jukebox back in the day or have no clue what I’m talking about, if you love music, you’ll love this show. Get on board – this is going to be one hell of a ride. Yeah, we might be as turnt up as these guys! Log on to and go to to get involved.


Kathy Goode,
Sr. Producer, New Orleans Live
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